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Angel Card Reading

certified by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

angelcard Reading

Angels lovingly accompany our path and wish us happiness, satisfaction and peace. They even support us with their advice in case we ask for it. As human beings we have been given the free will and it is, thus, our responsibility how we deal with the information that the angel cards transmit.

We have all experienced situations in life when we don’t know what to do, what is blocking us and why our expectations don’t turn into reality.

By the wonderful and lovely designed angel cards of Doreen Virtue we will be given advice and hints by the angels how to solve such questions as well as problems and conflicts. They will change our perspective on the situation, provide hope and lead us wisely and caringly through life.

Any question will be dealt with, including the issue of relationships, upcoming decisions, reorientations in life and many more. The angels will answer every question with love and care. No question is too mundane.

The angel cards are an independent adviser.

Three Angel Cards Reading

In order to respond to your question the aspect of the past, present and future will be enlightened.

Angel Cards Tarot

Ten cards will be drawn which include all aspects of your questions: the root of your problem, the current situation, the impact on the people in your close surrounding and many more.

I can also send you a picture of the drawn cards at the end of our session via mail.

Date arrangement:, über Skype: or
Advice by telephone: +43( 0)699 188 188 05 Advice via Skype

Three Angel Cards - Reading:: 30,- Euro
Angel Tarot: 60,- Euro

Please note that the consultation will only take place after the payment. Immediately after the payment you may attend a Reading or “Angel Intutiv Session”. Please don’t forget to leave your name (first name).

Special offer: 1 Card Reading free one-time. Please contact me!

angel card Reading

Dipl.Ing. Beatrix Bethke

Tel: 0699/171 171 69

Bach-Blüten Beraterin, IL-DO Körperkerzentrainerin, Angel-Intuitiv Therapist, Flower-Therapist, Feen-Expertin, zertifizierte Angel-Card Reader,
Meditationslehrerin, Energetische Raumreinigung

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